Tikkun olam: תיקון עולם‎

One of the projects I had while starting this blog was to come closer for what we call in Judaism, Tikkun Olam, the REPARATION OF THE WORLD  which is the purpose of our life in the little planet we live in and have to take care of. With this said, we pray that  the  Climate Summit held in Copenhagen that starts tomorrow will succeed in realizing this, in the same way as we also do daily by recognizing  God as it’s maker. May He who has the power to change, The Creator of the Universe, help all the leaders of all nations reunited in Scandinavia, and give them insights from the realms of the spirit to find solutions so as that the sparks of divinity dispersed by the changes our planet has suffered from our wrongdoings to reunite,  only then we will come a bit closer to a perfect world.

May this be His will.

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