The amazing NHS

Leviticus 19:18

As we are seeing an end to the pandemic in the UK, there’s one institution that has played a great role besides a group of sadly very criticized government leaders assessed by a task force of scientists working together for the benefit of the more than 60 million inhabitants of this island.
  It is only to protect our health system that measures have been put in place, a health system under enormous pressure over the past two years, which has today personally showed me its worth.
After having a procedure done in a London hospital with caring professionals. I could experience the luck we have with the National health system, the NHS is working with the most important commandment, loving their fellow human beings.

Leviticus 19.18

It is here where religion meets health, as my anesthesia consultant explained to me in a lovely conversation we had about Ecuador, diving in the Galápagos with sharks, and I referring to my experience with diving in the Caribbean while taking my license as a Dentist in Colombia. She told me before sedating me; a Head nurse in England had become a Bishop, she said: “it seems the fields are intimate related”. It gave me relief from a question around my head ever since I chose the pastoral path over my dental practice.

May we never need the hospitals, but if we do, we should rest reassured in England we are in very good hands.

Thank you NHS


  1. I too had an experience with the NHS when I was hospitalized for three weeks as a mere student—nothing but the very best service, attention and resourcefulness in what was a “first” in more ways than one. I’m glad that almost forty years later it prevails mightily!
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  2. I couldn’t agree more Paul. Hope to see you back in shul soon. Warm wishes, Stewart
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