Thoughts of a Cantor on Tikkun Olam, Bioethics and Music Therapy and information on Jewish experience and dynamics of attitude and behavior regarding Israel and Judaism

Combining my three fields of expertise, by  translating information in other languages than English and sharing the Jewish experience and dynamics of attitude and behavior regarding Israel and Judaism as a Cantor  with interests in the fields of  bioethics and music therapy, and with the duty to oversee that cantorial tradition is kept. Information with which I hope to achieve interest and consciousness in what is needed to maintain balance in this world we all owe our Creator to live in peace and harmony, that what is called in hebrew Tikkun Olam.


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  1. Federico Lebed says:

    Mi estimado Paul, que gusto saber de este interes tuyo, lo encuentro muy interesante, abrazo Federico

  2. Edward Holub says:

    My name is Edward Holub. My father, Paul Holub, was born in Neulengbach Austria in 1924. His Bar Mitzwah was perhaps the last before WWII, October or November 1938. I am trying to find people who might have known him or his family. I got your contact info from Martha Keil of the Jewish Institute in St. Polten Austria. If anyone in your family could remember anything that occurred during this time, I would appreciate an email or phone call… Thank you.
    Edward 504-338-4567

  3. Shalom dear Mr Heller,
    I know you as a wonderful Cantor (youtube) and would kindly ask you, if there is a possibility to download somewhere KOL NIDRE WITHOUT NOISE as mp3 file. Or maybe there are records (CD) of you?
    Thank you so much in advance. All the best to you.

    1. Paul Heller says:

      I will send you the mp3 file, thank you for your words.

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