Why do we need to know that a donor has higher education?

Published in Svenska Dagbladet: 1 September 2009,  “Swedish egg donators are stable, often highly educated women who did not regret their decision to donate. Shows the first Swedish study of 221 women who donated eggs since the new law that was instituted 2003. Only a minority is interested in whether the donation resulted in a child or not“.

The Swedish major newspaper, publishes a study from the The Fertility In Vitro Clinic at Sofiahemmet in Stockholm, focused to analyze the level of studies the donators had.

The study was conducted during the period 2005 to 2008. The findings are based on extensive  forms where all the 262 donors at the time of donation offered to answer questions about their background and views on donation. Of these, 80 percent, 221 women, participated in the study

-So far nobody has heard or came to our university clinic to know about who are their biological fathers in case of sperm donators “, said Claes Gottlieb, a doctor in IVF on Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, which carried out the study.

Is seems like that the level of education was very important in this study and my question is: are looking for “intelligent children”? why is the education level of the donator so important? and how does this happen in a country that already saw the consequences of  its studies in race biology?

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