The organization of the Jewish Community of Stockholm and the sound of the Shofar

goga2A community with a structure similar to any democracy with an elected parliament and a community board of governors similar to a ministers cabinet, three political parties that go into elections with public debates every four years, sending out propaganda by post to its potential 4500 electors. By the way, it was brought to my attention today that I cannnot give my opinion in blogs, since I am employed by the community, but I will inform about these elections to all my readers who are probably curious after they read my article on the synagogue’s organ and the cuts in the budget, etc.. I only hope that the focus in the debate is not only set on the synagogue life for the future of  judaism in Stockholm is much more than that. There are so more important questions to focus on, like the one I made myself while reading the book I have on my night table right now. “The American Cuzari”, well not exactly, it is “On being a Jew” by J.  Kugel, a very recommended reading. The question  comes up already on page 16 “we cannot hide being jews, because even if we live in a society that by ideological reasons overlooks people’s origins” ( maybe not true for Europe might be valid in the U.S.) , “pretending we are homogenous little bubbles from nowhere”. Those are the questions we have to ask ourselves in a community with probably the highest rate of intermarriage in the world. Maybe  what we need this Rosh Hashana is in a way the awakening of the sound of the Shofar, and that the big questions are asked and the debate is not left to questions in blogs as: but this candidate never participated in youth camps or that one doesn’t attend the Synagogue. It is up to the community now to create the proper forums and chatrooms for this debate not be biased by only one political party.  As for this blog, I will objectively continue the aims set two weeks ago while creating it.

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