And after vacations, in this freezing Stockholm, a good film !

The swedish crime fiction novelist Jens Lapidus has premier  with his film ” Snabba cash” tomorrow.

About the author, extracted from Wikipedia:

Jens Lapidus, born 1974, is a Swedish criminal defense lawyer and author, who made his writing debut in August 2006 with Snabba Cash. It is an account of the Stockholm underworld.Snabba Cash is the first of a planned trilogy called The Stockholm Noir Trilogy. Two years later the second installment, Aldrig Fucka Up was published by Wahlström & Widstrand. A graphic novel with illustrator Peter Bergting (The Portent) entitled Gängkrig 145 was published May 2009. While this project does tie into his previous novels, it is not the third part of The Stockholm Noir Trilogy as some Swedish media has claimed.  His writing  to James Ellroy and Dennis Lehane. Jens Lapidus lives in Stockholm with his wife and son.

After the famous trilogy that has made Stockholm famous not only for its nobel banquet, the Stig Larsson’s “Millenium” trilogy , books that also made it to the big screen. Now Lapidus with his excellent books, the first of them already translated to 28 languages and has sold more than 600.000 copies. I highly recommend reading, books once started one cannot leave aside. The film will again give Stockholm a lift. But there is much more in the beautiful Stockholm than the underworld Jens describes, Thank God!.

Will tell you more after seeing the film, which by living in Sweden I have the privilege to see first. And as he says himself in an interview, after his family life and work as defense lawyer, he’ll write more. We do hope he continues as well to have time to help the community to grow, give his sermons and lead services, which he also is very good at, and which I am looking forward to accept his offer in doing together, sometime in the future . Mazal Tov, Jens!! May your strenght grow, Iashar Koiach.

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  1. […] A Swedish crime novel by Jens Lapidus translated to the screen (but not into English, alas) is pointed out by a blogger who generally writes about music therapy, bioethics, and Judaism rather than crime fiction. I’ll look forward to the promised review. Meanwhile – has anyone read this Swedish author? I’d like to know more. […]

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