Jihad in the south of Sweden’s Malmö, legitimized by its Mayor

Ilmar Reepalu, the Social Democratic mayor of Malmö  who last year tried to stop Jews playing  in his city,  the third biggest city of Sweden, half of the population muslims, most of them living  in a neighbourhood were even ambulances and firemen have to be escorted by police. Inflates the hate against Jews, making the following statements last week:

  • Zionism – The Jewish national movement that is the very cornerstone of the State of Israel – is “unacceptable”.
  • Reepalu regards Zionism, the Jewish national movement as an expression of “extremism … which places its adherents above all other groups and regards other people as inferior.” –.
  • Israel is described by Ilmar Reepalu as a “festering sore”. Reepalu has no comment on any other people’s native countries. Only the Jewish state is selected for criticism.
  • Jews who refuse to strongly and publicly criticise Israel “send the wrong signals” to the society around them.
  • Jews who demonstrate their support for Israel have themselves to blame if they are attacked. .
  • The only antisemitism that exists, according to Reepalu, comes from “the Right”; he does not accept that there is any Left-wing anti-Semitism or any Islamist anti-Semitism in Sweden. .
  • The Jewish State of Israel has no right to self-defence according to Swedish Social Democrat Ilmar Reepalu.

The Official Council of Jewish Swedish Communities responded in a letter with copy to the President of the Social Democratic party, and declares not being surprised by these acts of antisemitism, hate against jews who have according to the UN a right to exist. Jews in Malmö have been in danger and acts of violence have to been stopped by the same Major, Mrs. Lena Posner Körosi writes.

Mr Reepalu has been critized by Swedish media,  since the statements were made the same day we commemorated Auschwitz after 65 years, it is even is more insulting to us, many told me.

This is the Swedish party I so proudly commented in my earlier post to hope win the elections. I leave to your dear readers to build your opinions, just if we could live in peace, that’s why we chose this country, not only jews but muslims as well.


  1. Yesterday the Major came out with a statment accusing the journalist that published without his approval the interview, and that it was very provocative to choose the 27th to do this, also without his knowledge, he still comfirms the fact that Jews in Malmö should not get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but himself has opinions in which are the limits the State has to keep, as in his opinion the 1967 borders, and is very critical against the Gaza war and supports his view with Mr Carl Bildt and many other Israel enemies in Sweden. In other words, he desligitimizes the jewish opinion but he gives his, an oxymoron.

  2. Om vi följer vad våra folkvalda säger och gör.
    Döm inte efter en artikel ”jag blev felciterad”
    Klistra ingen etikett ”jag bestämmer själv vad jag är”
    Efter att följt alla herr Reepalu uthalanden under åtminstone ett år, så har jag aldrig hört från någon annan folkvald i Sverige så mycket hat mot judar. Andra har kritiserat Israel även om det inte varit rättvis kritik. Herr Reepalu hänvisar ofta till skriften ”Om detta må du berätta” och alla steg i Nazitysklands judehat återser vi judar komma till Malmö, utom en Herr Reepalu. Han säger maniskt i alla reportage jag är ingen antisemit. Vi har inte sagt att han är en antisemit, men vi känner hans enorma judehat och etiketten är ointressant.
    Svarsbrevet som finns på församlingens hemsida ,från Herr Reepalu är så oärlig att den inte borde publiceras.

  3. Malmo is the worst example of a situation occurring all over the Western world. The influx of Muslims combined with economic troubles is fomenting antisemitism. The solution is to curtail immigration, especially that of Muslims. And yet Jews, some from delusions based on the past immigrant experience, grievance politics, or their ersatz faith of leftism support immigration and often open borders. It is suicide and proof that we Jews are not intelligent.

  4. “\”There have been no attacks on Jews, and Jews here who want to move to Israel, that is no concern of Malmö.\”” as answered by Reepalu to “Daily telegraph”, any similitude with Nazi Germany 1933-39 ???, is there anyone that in Sweden dares to look into the reasons for these and other discriminative statements? is Mr Reepalu past so influenced by the occupied Nazi Baltic country he was born at, that he in 2010 Sweden comes out with these kind of statments, anyone who has thought in putting him in trial? isn’t there a State agency, like “the Living History Forum” encharged of caring for these kind of issues? or not neccesary Sweden, no we have the EU. Today it is Mr Reepalu, if he still get’s away with it, tommorow who knows.

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