The God particle

I’ve heard of my teacher Dr. Gerald Schroeder’s nuclear physicist from MIT and member of the Atomic Energy Commission of the United States, author of several books like “Genesis and the Big Bang” (Bantam Books, 1990) Dr. Schroeder is professor at my former Yeshiva Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. His interest in relating the biblical and scientific information on the Creation while making exciting discoveries by the similarities between the theories of the great scientists and the words of the great Jewish sages –

We can read in Schroeder’s thesis that when Genesis says that God created the world in six days, that’s exactly what happened. To defend this, the first thing is to start by admitting that time is different for God than for us, which presents no difficulty.

From the religious point of view and King David says that “with God one day is as a thousand years,” the universe was not created in time, but containing time. Western science will come to that conclusion with the theory of relativity. There are no contradictions in the age of the universe 15 billion years is a figure that the reading of Prof. Schroeder is correct in the text of the Torah. As he between other things explains that those days could not be those of 24 hours we have today “the sun and the moon were created the fourth day”.

Classical explanations of Judaism also presuppose a creation of time, as follows from the Talmudist and Kabbalist Nachmanides in the thirteenth century. For the Jewish philosopher, time was created by God the first day. Nachmanides even says to us that before the universe there was nothing, until a tiny grain appeared, which was the only physical creation, and contained all that was to develop later. The expansion of this grain created matter. Remarkable intuition, no doubt.

Note that this was written by a Jewish scholar in the thirteenth century long before the experiments in the tunnels of Switzerland tried to explain the scientific theory of the Higgs boImageson.

Thus, the assertion that in the beginning the earth was formless (“chaotic solitude” in which “darkness covered the abyss”) perfectly matches the description of science.

God could have used the laws of nature to create the universe and this is entirely consistent with regard to the biblical accounts of God’s actions. We read in the chapter of creation, Genesis chapter one, in a deepening of the text that makes the book of the Kabbalah the Zohar:

“In the Beginning (Genesis 1:1) When the will of the King began to take effect, the signs recorded in the celestial sphere (around him) In the most hidden hole a flame of the mystery of Ein Sof, the Infinite, as fog out of the unformed formed, together with the ring of the sphere, it was not white or black or green or red, there was no color. And only after the flame´s size and shape emitted radiant colors, the interior of the flame came a source from which came colors dispersed at infinity and  broke and yet not through the ether (of the sphere .) It could not be recognized until a supernal point shone under the impact of the final breaking. ”

The supernal point is called in the Zohar the wisdom of God and in science today the God particle.

There are no contradictions and again what science has done is confirmed by the Biblical sources.


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