And what an honour

BSS Jono DavidAnd here I am settling in London, in my new position at Belsize Square Synagogue  sharing the pulpit with Rabbi Stuart Altshuler, of whom I have written in this blog in the past when we first met in Stockholm back in 2009. So much to learn, and to share and guard from its extensive liturgical musical tradition, not only from the 75 years of its foundation , but from the centuries of the Liberale movement’s tradition, (yes you read correctly Liberale with an “e” ) formed back in Germany, just after Napoleon’s revolution, when the movement was created, I learned from Rabbi emeritus Rodney Mariner, BSS’s third Rabbi. I am now its sixth Cantor, and I am being tutored by his wife Mrs. Sue Mariner, the former Musical Director of the Synagogue, I also have the privilege to work with Choirmaster Dr. Benjamin Wolf , Director  between others of the Zemel Choir   also is the Director of the Synagogue’s choir which at the end of 2013 will participate at the Lewandowski’s Festival in Berlin, the community has also an adult’s choir and a youth choir,  three choirs, to share with, wonderful people to work with, and above all a community that enjoys, supports and can it’s musical heritage.

Well, I will certainly have much more to write. I am so proud !!

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