Chancellor Emeritus Rabbi Professor Ismar Schorsch came to celebrate with Belsize Synagogue’s 75th anniversary of first service

schWe were honoured to host the Chancellor emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary the headquarters for Conservative Judaism in the world and it’s leadership, thanks to the endeavours of our own Rabbi Altshuler.

Professor Schorsch gave us an excellent lecture Friday night on the importance of the Synagogue and how we have in Belsize honoured this institution, Saturday morning he took us back to Germany and the development of Judaism from the Prussian era to nowadays, he gave us a Shiur in  the afternoon and introduced the Sunday morning discussion (as in the caption) with Pirkei Avot and then answered the questions of the thirsty audience of the Synagogue’s permanent Sunday’s adult discussion group. Rabbi Schorsch was also invited while in London to lecture at the JW3, New North London and New London Synagogues.WP_20140323_005We will continue our celebrations, we’ll have a civic ceremony in May and a concert in June. Mazal Tov Belsize Square Synagogue and as the Rabbi said, we look forward into the future for another 75 years of active Synagogue life, we will work hard in assuring the new generations continue with the legacy Belsize can be so proud of.

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