The Temple Mount

Ramp_to_Temple_Mount_Mughrabi_gate_from_south,_tb090705049-784039It should not surprise anyone that the Muslim prophet had a spiritual revelation at the holy site where the Stone that is the Cornerstone of God’s presence in earth lays. The Jewish Temple was raised there and the Holy of Holies that contained within the stone tablets that Moses presented to the world with the ten commandments received at Mount Sinai. This is where the Biblical patriarchs had also experienced God. And where Jewish belief traces the formation of  humanity ‎as we know it.

But, the Muslim prophet came about in the seven hundreds as did Islam. And the Jewish people had ever since the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in the year 70 instituted prayers towards the site where the Temple stood, three times a day.

Three times a day praying in the last 2000 years for the return of God’s presence and peace on earth. The other religion born after the destruction of the Temple, Christianity built shrines all over the world and a service that would replace the former Temple´s. I do not know much about Islam but I know they pray several times a day facing not Jerusalem but Mecca and I am sure also asking God for blessings and peace.
mhThen we should ask ourselves if the UN body that has the call to objectively see the importance of all of the world´s patrimony to humanity, what today can be demonstrated by archeologists of  the rests of walls that belonged to the Holy Temple and sacred for the Jewish religion has more than ever the obligation to recognise them as part of Jewish legacy and central as it is to its vision of hope for humanity.

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