From Vienna to Straßburg

bittmanTwo wonderful musical offerings this week, beginning with  Matthias Bartolomey and Klemens Bitmann  on Monday at the Austrian Embassy in London, celebrating 150 years Austrian Embassy at Belgrave Square a concert with a personal invitation from the Ambassador together with many personalities from all the spectrum of  diplomacy in the UK and focused on their new album “Neubau“, for reconciliation and peace as they explained, after the tragic events in Paris last year.

And Sunday evening, an invitation from Belsize Music to the Zemel Choir and Poliphoniques Hebraiques, with two outstanding choirmasters following the steps of the greatest in Jewish music. Dr. Benjamin Wolf, who has taken over the position of the greatest choirmasters of the world in Synagogue music, he also directs the Professional and Community Choirs at Belsize Square Synagogue which took over the XIX century’s tradition of Louis Lewandowski and Salomon Sulzer,  between others and which I so proudly serve as its Cantor.

Hector Sabo, also born in South America as myself has the honour to follow the steps of another great choirmaster of the nineteenth century Samuel Naumbourg, and who directed his Strasbourg Synagogue´s Choir around 1842, composing and at the stature of the two previously German and Austrian composers.

cantorsAnd here I am together in this fantastic evening with two renowned Cantors Robert Brody and Jonathan Blum, accompanied by Maestro Mike Cayton, performing  Seu Shearim,  of the 21st century great Composer and colleague, Cantor  Meir Finkelstein, then we finished the encore with another of Finkelstein’s masterpieces LeDor Vador together with the choirs and directed by both choirmasters, a unique and seldom seen rendition.

Just another week of sharing with wonderful musicians, composers,  choirmasters and singers elevating our spirituality so much in need these days, striving for Tikkun Olam, reparation of the world.

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