Cantor’s meet in Prague

spanish-sJewish Prague,
once the centre and light for all Europe with famous ruling chief rabbi’s as the Maharal an Tosfot Yom Tov Heller. Now lives from showing its Synagogues as museums.
We gathered four days with the European Cantors Association and had master classes with Cantor Naftali Herstik with my son Yohel, lectures  with Cantor Benjamin Maissner and Maestro Raymond Goldstein who talked and showed examples about Cantors that made history and had an impact, the style of emotional hazzanut, in Hebrew called (Regesh) רגש.

Cantor Herstik, The Choir of the Cantor’s Institute of Tel Aviv and Maestro Raymond Goldstein at the piano

We had services and a concert led by Cantor Herstik and some of his pupils he brought along as known Cantors Reuven Pinski and Daniel Colthof between others,an amazing group of the many he has formed in the last 40 years, keeping alive Cantorial art.

I met the hungarian Chief Cantor Fekete from the Dohany Synagogue whom I was introduced by a mutual friend years ago and Cantor Nogradi also from Budapest, with a voice comparable to Pavarotti’s.

Cantors Fekete and Nogradi
Cantors Green and Maissner

I gave a lecture to the Cantors of Lewandowski’s music with examples, I sang with the Tel Aviv Cantor’s Institute choir directed by Cantor Herstik and at the piano with Maestro Goldstein.

The purpose of this conference is to keep Chazzanut, the Cantorial world alive, with stressing on the importance of  its crown, the nusach, the modes of prayer. I proudly could show how we in Belsize do keep the ordered Cantorial worship in Hebrew called (Seder) סדר,  and use Lewandowski’s precious tradition for this purpose, which is very much alive since our first Cantor M. Davidsohn saved Lewandowski’s music from the ashes of Kristallnacht 1938 and now, I am the sixth Cantor singing the Liberale tradition’s melodies at Belsize, brought from Germany and Austria with Choir and organ. In such way Louis Lewandowski’s legacy has  not ended as the Synagogues of Prague, being just memories of the past.

Cantor  Naftali Herstik and myself

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