Another Anniversary


Another Synagogue celebrating it’s 80 year anniversary, Asociación Israelita Montefiore, the “German shul”, and an ocassion to participate by invitation of Rabbi Yehuda Gitelman.


My first Synagogue, where I was bar mitzvah an held my first pulpit for ten years between 1986-1996, until I moved as Spiritual Leader to Ecuador.


Also a time to remember, since it coincided with the fourth anniversary of my nephew Steven’s passing ז”ל, in whose memory, I sung Psalm 23, as in this video, (press de candle), a small sample of this concert, which,

I shared with participants across all the Jewish Community of Bogotá. Press here or the picture for a sample video of the concert. Including my former mentor Chief Rabbi Alfredo Goldschmidt, of the Orthodox Ashkenazic Centre Israelita of Bogotá, in the picture with his accordion, we all have enjoyed since he arrived in our lives 1974.

Cantor Rafael Mizrahi representing the Orthodox Sephardic Community. My esteemed colleague and organiser Cantor Daniel Rosenthal here with me in the picture who sang own compositions of our liturgy of which I was very impressed.

And, the revealing new voices of young Esther Rotlewicz and Daniel Boughadana, who bring me pleasant flashbacks of singing in similar events at that age.

Our accompanying pianist, Edelsa Santana a great musician.

A thriving growing AIM with a very charismatic Masorti Rabbi who in his office since a year, has been able to reactivate my Cantorial alma mater, in an amazing way, Rabbi Yehuda made this evening happen, working in tandem with Jazan Daniel Rosenthal and bringing together all the communities independently of their religious positions. An example worth imitating.

In the audience, my proud 97 year old mum and more than 250 many more familiar faces, I was glad to reconnect with.

Mazal Tov AIM, continue growing, Mi Chayl el Chayl !!

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