Elections in the UK

As many voices Jewish and non-Jewish raise their concerns of Labour members been responsible for spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, such as calling Jewish members of parliament ‘Zionist infiltrators’.

Many Labour members of parliament are resigning as MP’s, asserting that under Corbyn, Labour was plagued with “institutional anti-Semitism”.

This is just one example,  of the anti-Jewish behaviour plaguing the Labour party since the change of leadership. Besides Corbyn and allies support of Hamas etc.etc. of which I’ve been sharing in this blog a little now and then.

Now, the risk there is of him becoming the UK’s  PM.

There are many in Labour who do not share these values and many who are dedicated to fighting inequality, racism and prejudice. The problem lies with Jeremy Corbyn and the present Labour leadership who tolerate and allow antisemitism to rise from within its ranks.

I want to share here the front page of this week’s Jewish Chronicle.



And 26/11/19 these the headlines in all media in the UK


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