Livestreaming under the pandemic

My Synagogue has had the livestream since I came to England in 2013,

Grants from the Six Point Foundation provided Holocaust survivors and refugees of Jewish origin who are resident in the UK and facing difficult financial circumstances with extra support so that they can live a better life.

Belsize Square Synagogue was awarded a grant from the Six Point Foundation to provide web access to our regular Erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning Services, as well as Festivals and High Holydays.

And we are so lucky during the lockdown since we have archived the services, so I am able to edit and add subtract for each week with a new sermon, etc..

Friday night’s have been a challenge to stand alone in the Sanctuary and do an actual live service

But Thanks to the enormous response and positive feedback I’ve got, I look forward to it every week. Here is a taste of one of these services, press the picture.


And if you want to join us the page is:



  1. Dear Paul You are not alone on Friday nights, I am there with you, albeit via my computer, joining you with an enthusiastic voice. I am surprised that you can’t hear me, I am the one singing out of tune!By the way I do like your  drash.Regards Paul Sent from Samsung tablet.

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