Life goes on

This title close to one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs, (“The show must go on”), applies at this point in time after we have been six months hit by the covid-19 pandemic.

I co-officiated a wedding last Sunday in my Synagogue with Rabbi Altshuler, and it felt surreal. But this couple made the decision not to wait longer and be blessed under chuppah and kidushin to build a jewish home, and we should praise them.

Pitchi Li composed by Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller

This song is also available to purchase at:

Because it’s not only high end clips type Broadway style performances which we see more and more nowadays in socal media of Cantor’s sharing their melodies, or recording and streaming what we should be focusing on, especially these days before the High Holydays, we should really not loose our focus in that what is important, we are called to lead prayer and it should be the main objective of our services , and I can say many of us got dilutted as you can read in a previous post, getting ways to still have things running by editing and filming to our members, not that it was or is not important to keep under circumstances that we could not forsee, to offer what was in our hands and we did our best, and still do, I just finished f. ex. editing a backup video for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, since we never know if there will be a total lockdown again.

But we still need to be reminded of what is meant by the beautiful melodies we interpret, and it is praying.

May we all be inscribed in the Book of life for the coming Jewish year, and keep our hopes and spirits high as Daniel and Lucy have shown us.

Shana Tova, a good 5781!!!

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