Why Ramadan ? when the goal is to spend time fasting and praying. The third most holy place for Islam, the Dome of the rock Mosque in Jerusalem, is used as a barricade to assemble and prepare attacks against civil Israeli population.

The Gaza strip Hammas muslim activists had a 1000 rockets launched against cities in Israel in the last 48 hours, since the writing of this post.

And then, comes international condemnation to the response any other state would have right to, as Israel has, if attacked in this constant manner for no other reason than blunt hatred and will to blot out the Jewish people. Certainly the twisted interpretation of a sister faith by the religious leaders back in Iran, who are fueling this not only with warfare but with their evil words.

More on the reasons given for this new escalation for terrorism which are pure fictional, when you read this:


And to understand the conflict this blog posts I share:



And while there is a cease fire since last week (21/5/21), there are those who are in the Jewish people’s ranks that still have taken critical positions of a country defending itself and by doing so, avoiding the maximun casualties of civil population, while a terrorist group doesn’t mind the martyrdom of their own children. And I wonder, do these Jews consider Israel their homeland? Or are they comfortably sitting in their homes in the diaspora lecturing, writing and preaching? What book do they read? We do want peace, what is the price to pay?


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