The threat of Iran

I here reblog with permission and translated from Spanish the very well written article by Victor Zajdenberg

In this image made from April 17, 2021, video released by the Islamic Republic Iran Broadcasting, IRIB, state-run TV, various centrifuge machines line the hall damaged on Sunday, April 11, 2021, at the Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility, some 200 miles (322 km) south of the capital Tehran, Iran. Iran named a suspect Saturday in the attack on its Natanz nuclear facility that damaged centrifuges there, as Reza Karimi and said he had fled the country “hours before” the sabotage happened. (IRIB via AP, File)


(CABA 6/25/2021)

A few days ago Ebrahim Raisi, the “Butcher of Tehran”, was practically imposed as President of Iran by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, successor to the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

We will speak on another occasion about the macabre personality of the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which isn’t a Republic because it is a recalcitrant Absolutist Theocracy.


There is no longer any doubt that Iran is on its way to becoming a Power of the Islamic Universe and it is a fact that there is no possibility of delaying or curtailing its projection, as long as it does not make the same tactical and strategic mistakes that frustrated the equivalent claims that at the time had President Nasser of Egypt, the Leader of AlQaeda Bin Laden and the Dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

The time has come to recognize that the fundamentalist Iranian regime has managed to establish a synthesis that allows the tyrians and trojans to be confused, introducing into their own strengths the “horse” that is slowly disarming their defenses (United States and Europe).

Iran acts, and thus is accepted by the concert of civilized nations, as a pianist who plays two different and simultaneous keyboards: on the one hand, it presents itself as an organized country relating to the outside world, being a full member of the United Nations and  on the other side it has become the tolerated center of international terrorism.

Its abundant oil and gas resources, the more than 100 billion dollars in international reserves (for now frozen), its advanced missile-nuclear development, and the powerful armed forces with parallel special formations similar to the Hitlerians, show a clear vocation for hegemony. that we will try to analyze in this note, where we will present Iran as a huge octopus that mobilizes its alarming tentacles throughout the Middle East in particular as well as in the global arena.


The very serious mistake made by the government of President Carter of the USA, which, in 1979, abandoned a friend and ally such as the Shah of Persia at the hands of fundamentalist enemies led by Ayatollah Khomeini, has led to this dangerous international situation that none today could be able to determine its future consequences.

Iran has been patiently weaving a series of carnal relationships with all the adversaries of the United States, the State of Israel and the Jews, managing to create an increasingly intransigent and dangerous pole of opposition (Turkey, Syria , Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.).

Simultaneously Iran has financed and participated in several terrorist attacks in countries of Europe (Germany) and South America (Argentina) and openly supports all the insurgent organizations of the Middle East (Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, etc.).

Iran not only does not recognize the State of Israel but, with fanfare, announces its destruction by “wiping off the map” the “Zionist Entity ”  and shouting a series of disgusting epithets worthy of the worst Nazi-fascist times.

The maximum human degradation of those that make up the Iranian fundamentalist regime arises when they dedicate themselves to denying the Jewish Holocaust carried out by the Nazis, organizing Congresses and Seminars to spread such great neurological degeneration of the human being.


There is increasingly compromising evidence for the Iranian theocratic regime that shows how its tentacles have penetrated almost all neighboring countries to co-opt them and lead them to build a hideous “axis of evil” that can have deplorable consequences.

Syria is one of the oldest allies of Iran and has served as a nexus for the provision of weapons to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization based in Lebanon with the right to veto everything that is decided in the country and with an army stronger than Lebanon’s own Army.

Turkey has regrettably surrendered to the Iranian “sirens song” and has resolved to practically sever centuries-old relations with Jews and decades of good neighborliness with Israel.

Turkey and Iran now have common enemies, the Kurds of both countries who want autonomy for their people and the Israelis who fight for their stability and security.

Iraq, which is still trying to reorganize its new institutions created after the invasion of the American armed forces, including the Arabs divided between Sunnis and Shiites along with the Kurds of the north, had to defend its inhabitants from the despicable attacks of AlQaeda first , of ISIS later and of the incursions of the Iranian paramilitaries that provide the weapons with which the Shiite militias attack the Sunni groups, thus igniting a tragic civil war between brothers.

Through Syria it manages to supply the Lebanese Hezbollah and in relation to Hamas, it is more difficult for Iran to supply missiles and other weapons because the Israeli Security and Intelligence Forces prevent it.

Dozens of ships with Iranian weapons, in the Mediterranean and in the Red Sea, were discovered and captured by the Israeli Navy in recent years.

Only through the tunnels dug on the border between Egypt and Gaza can components and parts of weapons still enter, which are later assembled in the workshops of Hamas, the Jihad and other terrorist groups that exist in Gaza.


The former Prime Minister of Israel had spoken in the G.A.J.F. (General Assembly of Jewish Federations) the same concepts that he had probably exposed in the secret meeting held with Joe Biden, the then Vice President, today President of the United States, a few days earlier, namely:

“The only way to prevent Iran from using nuclear weapons is with the credible threat of military action.”

“The biggest threat that faces Israel and the world is the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran.”

“Israel wants a SAFE PEACE and wants to prevent Iran from settling in,  in the future Palestinian territories.”

As can be seen, Netanyahu mentioned terms such as “prevention”, “credible threat”, “perspective” and “sure peace”, all dissuasive ideas and not of immediate and inevitable war.


It is clear that if the Iranian government does not make blunders that force the US and/or Israel to intervene in new confrontations that they do not wish to have, Iran will continue with its nuclear-missile project and its regional and global strategic penetration in all areas of conflict.

We must not forget that if Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, the contemporary history of Europe might have been different.

If Iraq had not invaded Kuwait in 1991 and had not threatened the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, we would now be living in a Middle East, probably strategically dominated by the bloodthirsty Saddam Hussein.

On 9/11/2001 Bin Laden, with his horrible attack on the Twin Towers, sealed his death sentence and buried his Koranic ideology of establishing the “World Islamic Caliphate”, at least in the short and medium term since in the long term this needs another type of analysis that involves the idea and the broader conception of the “clash of civilizations” developed by Huntington.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention in these “war games”, the State of Israel whose new leaders, ministers, advisers, and its security and intelligence forces must be enlightened and alert in order to be able to make the best decisions in defense of the inhabitants of that small territory that so many want to make disappear from the face of the earth.

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