A good example on how music brings together religions


From the Rabbi of Bretslov we learned: “Kol Haolam Kulo gesher tzar meod”, the world is a narrow bridge, the important thing is not to fear at all.

Music is used as a bridge to cross the borders of religion,VOX PACIS A Voice of Freedom and the Cantata A Challenge to Humanity a Choral Concert performed by singers from the world´s religions; Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Buddhism, Hinduism as well as performances by solists and voices including Tibetan throat singing and Sufi songs. Together 300 artists from all over the world participated, this year we were maybe 150.
I had the honor to be called to be part of it in the introduction of the program, last year the inauguration was held at the Blue Hall of the Municipality,  same place were the Nobel Banquet takes place, this year the Swedish Church and and it’s beautiful Sofia Church in the South Island of Stockholm opened its doors and hosted all of us, we missed Anna, Veikko and Chokri this year. But had again the pleasure to listen to Chimi and Shipra and also the spectacular tabla player Debasis Mukherjee, who reminds me of Alla Rakha  when playing with Ravi Shankar. This year the greek choir participated as well, and an excellent trio from Siberia, Insula Magica. Finally I got to sing with Allan Scharf and Suzanne, Avinu Malkeinu, Our Father Our King. Because He is Our Father independently how we call Him, May He be Blessed.

If you have interest and patience in listening to a Swedish radio program you can hear how a Tibetian singer can sing together with a Jewish Cantor at 1,50 minutes of the program at:


Vox Pacis – The Voice of Peace was conceived by Gunilla Nordlund from a desire to create a meeting of cultural and Spiritual understandning and to create a dialogue. as a cultural meeting build a bridge in order to find new openings that reunite.

By believing that throught music and with the composer´s range of vision, Ylva Arkviv, paths would come together with different voices and choirs that can unite. The Cantata had words written by Sigrid Kahle and the choir and orchestra was directed by Jonas Dominique.


A sample can also be heard at:


And more to come…..

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