Jubileum concert Ernest Bloch 1880-1959

Meditating in Synagogue  while “Avodah” was performed by violin and piano, brought good memories of my role model  and  dentist Dr. Leo Demner,  who as a fan of Ernest Bloch played between others camera music in his wonderful sound system, a Nakamichi tape deck a Mcintosh amplifier with Bose speakers, and we are talking now of the seventies. Already in his waiting room one was in the setting he created, I am not sure if he was aware of it, listening to good music, made anyway the fear of the needle and sound of the dental handpiece  go away,  and probably the reason I chose music therapy to be the subject of my thesis.


Have a look of the 1000 people which the Great synagogue fits, in the 50 years commemoration concert of the Swiss composer Ernest Bloch.

The concert was delayed more than a half  hour, it took  time to let everyone in, but we were patient and excited. The concert will be broadcasted by Swedish Radio the 28th of December and can probably be listened on the web, for you who missed it or would like to hear it again, I will add a link and the review as soon it comes out. I truly believe that the concert honored the memory of the great composer, the public was delighted and one cannot force everybody to wear a kippah as you see in the picture, but besides me I do not know how many were actually praying or meditating. As for the artists specially violinist Sergej Bolkhovets a name we will  I am sure, come across often, not to diminish the already known professionalism of pianist Staffan Scheja, violinist Hugo Ticciati, violist Göran Fröst and  cellist Eva Maria Hux of the Swisss Embassy producer of the magnificent concert.

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  1. As the grandson of the composer am very pleased to know of this amazing event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bloch’s death in Portland, Oregon. I will be sharing this with Bloch family in Switzerland, US and Bloch scholars in the UK.

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