A unique candelabrum

As read in other blogs, the best time of the year approaches when we celebrate Chanukah, didn’t want to miss on that one.

I love the spirituality and light it brings, it reminds me who I am and especially I spend time with my family. At the end of December when everybody else in the world I live in celebrates Christmas I have my own festival, Chanukah, it represents everything that is Jewish and recalls the Maccabean victory over the values that were imposed by the Greeks when they defiled the Temple in Jerusalem,  we rededicated ( hebrew Chanukah) the Temple and the light shun again 168 BCE.  Proudly we candle the Chanukah lights and sing MaoTzur, I will miss the majestic organ accompaniment this year and as well Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath who will attend services and be presented with a crystal replica of the Synagogue.

One of the most peculiar objects of our Synagogue is the Chanukiah, it has not the usual nine branches it has only eight, it is missing the so-called shamash, servant, the light that candles the other eight during the eight-day festivities and which is always a little higher or separated to mark its function. It was dedicated to  King Gustav III  and as you can see in its foot it bears the Kings initials Gustav. As well underneath, (not in the picture) it has the initial of the person who donated the beautiful unique candelabrum, Mr Serlitz 1791, but it could also be the S of the King’s wife Sofia Magdalena from Danmark (wishful thinking in this egalitarian and peaceful wishing times).

As you know, a Synagogue may not have a Menorah, the original seven branches candelabrum that belonged to the Temple and that is the emblem of the State of Israel.


Well, I’ll take a break for a while, and while my home will be filled with family from other parts of the world. I will light up my little unique antique candelabrum and sing, I thank you God for all the miracles, for everyday and for all the victories you performed in other times and today.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and a lot of light. Peace on earth!!

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