Who may operate?

Fresh from the news (Echo 23.05.2010 9.45). A doctor in Norway lost its right to operate, now he is working in the health care in the county of Gävleborg. The surgeon was turned off in Norway after giving wrong treatment to patients.

Two or three years ago while doing my exams to get my dental title approved in Sweden, a dental clinic opened in several places in the city offering cheaper treatments than those stipulated by the welfare system. Doctors from East Europe, now members of the EU, were automatically approved to operate in Sweden. The result was as the news today, after some months treatments failed in patients that attended these clinics.

I have gone through  four exams to get just my clinical swedish approved, and now these doctors not knowing a single word in swedish started working without passing a single exam. Unfair I thought then.

And now,  when one sees these kind of news in the daily press. One wonders !!

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