May The Almighty give comfort and help all those families who lost their dearest in Norway

The most difficult event in Norway since World War II, as Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called Friday’s terror. The lesson that World War II gave to Europe and especially the role Norway had in it, and today having become the country with best quality of life in the world, makes this massacre even more difficult to comprehend

Now, Norway has to deal with time of mourning, funerals, and try to understand the incomprehensible like we still do not understand the Nazi machinery in WWII. The young people who survived the massacre of Utöya will need all the resources available to confront and be able to somehow process what happened. In Utöya  560 young people from all of Norway gathered,  between them were, future leaders of the European parliament, all of them with common interests to make this world better. Tikkun Olam.
It is absurde that youtube still broadcasts the manifesto Breidvik had published and that torrents let you download the 1500 pages of it, where as he said himself spent 300.000 Euros. There has to be a group of people who has supported and helped this criminal act, this cannot be a solo operation, hopefully the Scandinavian naivety will now awake and take care of it as look into neonazi sites and movements like those in Sweden, where in a beginning it was said the killer had links to.

The burials and memorials as today’s ceremony in the Cathedral of Oslo and meetings at the highest level hopefully will make the wishes of this madman get the contrary effects, more democracy more multiculturalism, as the Prime Minister mentioned in his emotive speech at the church. But now it is time to not say more, it is time for tears, this we learn from Jewish sources when dealing with mourners, because there are no words, and everything you say is not enough to comfort. I pray; May G-d have mercy and give comfort the Norwegian people in this difficult moments.

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