A new Hitler has arised

With reference to the “withdrawal” of the Orchestra the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho in Caracas,  at the presentation of “Fiddler on the Roof” , “because it is a Jewish work” –

These, the intimidating words of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela:

We the chavists, despise the Jews and do not recognize the State of Israel nor any domestic and international Jewish organization.

We can not allow an important part of the canonical tale of deportation and death of the Jews under the Nazi system that was arranged as a myth by these “stateless Jews animals” and which Zionism is using today to preserve the existence of a colonial enterprise endowed with a religious ideology (monotheistic and mystical satanic) in order to make the Demon Israel take possession of the saintly Arab Palestine.

The myth of the “holocaust” is also used to financially blackmail the German state, other European states and the Jewish community in the United States of America and other countries.

The existence of this political enterprise (Israel: power as embodied in the monopoly of monotheism and implemented by an army, police, prisons, torture, murder, etc.). Which seeks to consolidate a series of ideological manipulations in the bosom of the hegemonic power of  the United States, which seeks to be accepted by any means as a master of the world through widespread terror and also through dissuasive and persuasive practices, including Venezuela.

All historians and social scientists of the “revolution” considered proven that there was, never -and in any case-(in German concentration camps of the Third Reich, including the German territory militarily administered by Germany) used homicidal gas allegedly operating in enclosures called “Cameras”.

Similarly, there is no definitive figure established to assess loss of life in Jewish communities during World War II but in any case, the figure of six million people is absolutely excessive and opposed to that offered by the records of the Red Cross International (just dead, there were 150,000 Jews and non-Jews, from beginning to end the war in Auschwitz-Birkenau, all justified as they were oligarchs who were hurting and exploiting both German society as well as the Polish one).

So it is and  can not be denied: In September 21, 1989, the former Soviet Tass news agency released the records of Auschwitz and other German concentration camps. These records of prisoners and the dead, one by one. From 1939 to 1944-45 there were a total of 300,000 prisoners in Auschwitz and a total of 74,000 deaths in the same camp.

The Soviets did not specify how many of them were Jews, although they note that more than half of these deaths were due to malnutrition, typhus and other diseases (which were otherwise shared with the rest of the German people, both civilian and military,Therefore, Jews could not enjoy privileges).

So for about five years they have been murdered in Auschwitz (and not necessarily by the German authorities in the field, but by “mafias” that ruled on the inside), not six million people (mostly Jews, according to the myth), but something less than 40,000, between Jews and non Jews. But remember that during the same war, and only in Hamburg, in a single night of bombing by the Yankee imperialists, 48,000 German civilians were killed, mostly children, women and elderly (not to mention the genocide of Dresden).

That is, let’s be clear: There is yet, nor shall there ever be any document or other physical or chemical proof of the existence of “factories of death” as seen in Hollywood films, imagined either from novels, or either from “memory” of indirect witnesses.

So, dear fellow Venezuelans, as preached  “an absolute human evil,” invented by the American fascists to define a stage in the history of Europe, especially Germany, did not exist, the real history of mankind is not a duel between angels and demons.

We, the revolutionaries, we must end with  the stones of a Final Intifada all these despicable animals Jewish oligarchs who both want to end our expression of the XXI century socialism. Jews must be banished from our Bolivarian Republic.

Jews only pursue the same spirit of conquest and domination of the Americans, the same privileges on a constant background of blackmail.

We can not prevent the birds of sadness flying over our heads, but we can prevent them from nesting in our hair.

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  1. Dear Paul – of the many, many incredible items that I read about Herr Chavez and his regime, this has to be the most disturbing. Particularly disturbing because this is the first I’ve heard of it and the story is a year old. Why he hasn’t been denounced by the international community for this vitriol is beyond comprehension. Let’s hope that the CNE stage a silent coup and allow Capriles the full count of his votes in the upcoming election!

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