The Alexander Torah, a story and a tradition to keep for generations to come

Me holding the Alexander Torah at the 75th Anniversary of BSS
the Alexanders
Picture from the Archive

A special service was held to celebrate the rededication of the Alexander Torah which has been repaired by Sofer Mordechai Pinchas and made ready for use at our services. This historic Torah scroll was saved from Kristallnacht brought by Dr. Alfred Alexander to London and is held in the custody of Belsize Square Synagogue with permission of the Alexander family. Read at a service (see picture) by Rabbi Emeritus Rodney Mariner in the presence of Dr. Alexander’s  two sons Hans and Paul and grandson John, in the back my predecesor Cantor Lawrence Fine.

lettersAt this siyyum, closing ceremony, which the Sofer explained in detail also mentioning the very special characters this Torah has,  the family came up to delegate the Sofer to write the last letters to complete the writing of this scroll, while the cheder, Sunday school pupils of Belsize participated holding the letters they had made themselves.

Mr. John Alexander grandson of Dr Alfred Alexander, read the story since it was commissioned in 1790 by the family  (it can be read here).  A memorable morning in community with all of its choirs celebrating also Yom Yerushalaim.

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