Louis Lewandowski Part I.

Louis Lewandowski (1821 – 1894) transformed Jewish worship into a musical experience.

That is what we experienced today Sunday 11th of  September, in the actual place the sanctuary stood, other big edifices have been destroyed this day, but nobody mentioned it on our commemoration, I later was reminded on a special report on One World Trade Center in CBS, what is important here is the common message of perseverance and continuity.

Back to my title, so much more to say and especially now preparing to give a lecture at the European Cantors Association in November in Prague on the composer. I was very impressed by the introduction given by the Director of  the Centrum Judaicum, the Foundation of the New Synagogue, Dr. Hermann Simon, in his introduction to the concert by  a brief summary of Lewandowski’s life, I will get a copy of his book on the composer, he promised me which certainly will help me to brush up my presentation.

The German postal celebration-postservice commemorated with this publication for the second time, as pictured here.

The Cantors, directors, organist and Choirs in the courtyard
Cantor Sheffer and the Choirs under Dr Benjamin Wolf’s direction
Choirs under direction of Regina Yantian
The Youth Choirs of  Berlin and Belsize Square in  the first rows Maestro Cayton at the organ

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