The New Synagogue on Oranienburgerstrasse- A unique testimony to and symbol of German Judaism


The actual sanctuary as before it’s destruction in WWII and the place where we stood on during the celebration and memorial services , this how it looked like in all its splendor.

berlin_neue_synagoge_innenansicht_busbWhat is left of it, is the courtyard we stood during the commemoration as pictured in my previous post and in this thumbnail







A celebration of 150 years since its inauguration.mittenmang-tolerant-300x300

The largest Synagogue in Germany and house where then composer Louis Lewandowski was its Musical Director composed his Synagogue music, for Cantor, choir and organ, and  which I use at Belsize Square Synagogue every service. Invited were all our choirs by the Lewandowski festival organisers and its sister Synagogue in Berlin in Pestalozzistrasse, we also were invited to join the Synagogue Ensemble and Cantor Sheffer for Shabbat services.

Sunday  a day of concert and remembrance in what the previous Synagogue was. Open to the public as the text in the door states “Open ye the gates”

The front of the building is the Centrum Judaicum, linked by pressing the picture.


It makes exhibitions, is in charge of the building, archives and organises events, to show and preserve what it was in all it’s glory, the bit we tried to bring back with L. Lewandowski’s melodies on Sunday, and with tears as we sung Ma Tovu Ohaleja Yaakob, “How beautiful are thy tents oh Jacob”, words from our liturgy,  probably also the most popular and famous of  Lewandowski’s settings used in all the Ashkenazi world with which we start our services in the mornings and evenings. As in the words of the President of the Jewish Community of Berlin.

” Hopefully this building one day to be rebuilt to reunite all peoples”, and as for Jerusalem’s Temple, we pray for every day B”H, May it be G-d’s will.


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