Remembrance weekend


Belsize’s six branches candelabrum, replica of the one in Holocaust Museum in Israel

While in the UK the fallen in the wars are remembered, we had a remembrance weekend starting with our usual Friday Kristallnacht service and on Sunday a Music at Belsize concert “Romantic Vienna and the Jews” featuring the Wallace ensemble under Ben Wolf and the Chair of the committee Phil Keller conducting Mahler and in the orchestra one of the bassoonists, past chair of the Synagogue John Abramson.

Two arrangements by Wolf of Salomon Sulzer’s Mi Adir, (press the picture below to listen) for Orchestra and Cantor,  Segen, an unusual piece sung at confirmations in the past. Also two Schubert lieder one of them arranged by Wolf my father’s favourite An die Musik and ending with the public almost dancing with Strauss’ Blue Danube performed exquisitely.


My father z”l, would have so much enjoyed being there, Viennese music was his passion, to him, I dedicate my performance in this concert!!

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