The Art of being Jewish

A very energetic member of Belsize Square Synagogue whom I sat with last Sunday during the shul’s annual Channukah Market, told me he came up with the trademark Belsize Square should promote itself and stands for “The Art of being Jewish”.

A market with members making coffee, while not in court as Queen Counsellors, or selling jam’s while not Managing the biggest Shopping


Mall in London, or a family making crepes while not taking care of their financial institutions, or a member making scandinavian sandwiches while not lecturing at Medical School are some examples of how this Synagogue has made being Jewish an art, the art of being a mentsch, ( a good person).


And yes, after almost five years working here, I would say that the word art to be more precise could apply as follows: A Synagogue that is a flagship in its music, a Music committee organising world class concerts, a Synagogue with three choirs, a Music Director a Youth Choirmaster and a full-time Cantor, me.

Settled in London with my family, despite my wife having to travel to work in Sweden during the summer. My two adult children are graduates from Regent’s University in London and have made lot’s of friends and learned so much while being here.


And I find myself in this very renowned Synagogue doing what I love to, with a lot of pastoral duties and a challenging Synagogue musical liturgy, that I am so happy to be a part of every day. Growing together with a big number of youngsters wanting to learn to daven (sing the prayers), in the style and standard they have listened all their life as their parents did with my five predecessors and who know its music so well that every time we introduce a new melody they are upset not hearing the usual one to sing along.

Yes, it is after five years I wrote an still it is such an honour to be here. May we continue to grow together !!

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