What will be the next step

We feel ashamed of a country that was actively involved in the Holocaust now engaged in passing a law to have all references and teachings to say the contrary.

I am afraid that the next step will be for the Polish government to close down all the concentration camps that show the horrors the Nazis committed in their soil, where 90% of “Polish” Jews died.

Unless they want to keep the huge economical benefits of these sites being, what it has meant for them,  “tourist attractions”.

The worst of this, where is the international community?, condemning this position adopted by the many times demonstrated anti Jewish state.

What a shame!!

Yes !!! Wednesday 27/6/2018

Poland Backtracks on Controversial Holocaust Law, Scrapping Threat of Prison

Polish prime minister says government will reopen discussions on law, which would criminalize accusing Polish nation of complicity in Nazi crimes


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