Again, the leader of the Labour Party in the UK

Wanted to share Chief Rabbi Sacks article about what my mother, saved by the British Army on D-day, can not believe is happening in 2018 U. K., neither did many in Germany 1933 of what was coming.

And to do justice and give the other side of the story a space of reflection.

“Siding with the Palestinian struggle is not antisemitic” by A. S. Khalidi in the Guardian 28/8/18, you will notice it lacks references to Palestinian suicide bombers or rockets launched from Gaza, etc., etc.

Siding with the Palestinian struggle is not antisemitic

Does Mr. Corbyn actually think Israel is going to permit terrorist (unarmed, he says) to come through its borders and become martyrs of their cause by going in any Israeli kibbutz or shopping mall and kill civilians to defend their cause, that is what openly in Sky news a leader of Hammas said: (martyrs of the cause) . The demonstrations in Gaza the tunnels, the rockets fired, what would he do if it would happen in Dover? And isn’t Brexit just about that? Not having more immigrants at the doors of the NHS?.

Jerusalem and the Embassy is just an excuse for Corbyn and all of those who do not want a real peace.

This is the clear outburst of a Parliamentary leader in England that pronounces his open antisemitism, even it has been questioned recently. What is next Mr Corbyn?

And why is media since this article quiet about his role as a Holocaust denier


And why is media since this article, quiet about his role as a Holocaust denier. Is it not obvious for any intelligent person what this man is after. And what will happen to the Jews of the UK if he God forbid becomes Prime Minister, I suggest you read this link:

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