Open the Gates

Seu Shearim

Our musical tradition at Belsize Square, a unique an independent Synagogue, that combines the best of compositions for organ, choir and Cantor by the famous western European composers, Salomon Sulzer, Louis Lewandowski and Samuel Naumbourg between others. All of them with influences of the romantic period they lived in and willing to enhance in their cities of origin the great Synagogues in need of these elements as part of their liturgy. And which we in London are keeping, as few others are.

This sample here, taken from our livestream feed, shows how S.N. combined Opera and Nusach, (the traditional mode) in Psalm 24, usually sung, while processing with the scrolls, and which we sung second day Rosh Hashanah after the shofar blowing in the additional service. The melody is triumphant, majestic, and fitting for a description of God as King, valiant in battle. The operatic melody over a march-like, military napoleonic rhythm, sets a dramatic scene to announce the Glory of God.

seu shearim

Many other, and better quality recordings by the Synagogue can be found in our youtube channel. And on my own.

Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do !!

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