International Sacred Music Festival – Bogota 2019


The 18th of Sept. At the concert hall of the Tadeo Lozano University. A program accompanied by the excellent Cuban pianist Prof. Edelsa Santana.

I sung in the first part works from L. Lewandowski, S. Sulzer, J.Rappaport, M. Janowski, M. Ravel, etc., of the Synagogue liturgy.

The second part, I shared with Chief Rabbi Alfredo Goldschmidt and Esther Rotlewicz always accompanied by the accordion that has characterized the charismatic Rabbi in his over 45 years in Colombia, including his own settings of Ani Maamin with music of Ernst Gold’s Exodus, I already sung with him as a school boy, also his Imloch, with Edith Piaf’s music, he is known for under the so many weddings he has performed for the Colombian Jewish community, and I had always wished to sing with him,finally, I did.

And we sung the traditionals: Kol Haolam Kulo, Od Yishama, Jerusalem of Gold, between others.

The young Esther Rotlewicz, accompanying us with her sweet voice, singing also as a soloist, Albaz’s Shema Israel -Keshehalev boche and again repeating with me, Schlessinger’s duet, Haben Yakir li Ephraim, we did together at the AIM 80th anniversary concert.

An enthusiastic public of diverse origin and many friends, between others, my dearest Chamber Choir. Director Ms. Amalia Samper, who taught me so much of vocal technique and appreciate the art of singing since I was a teenager.

Here an excerpt of an evening to remember.

Thanks to the organisers, especially to the Director of the Festival, Marianna Piotrowska, it has been an honour to be part of the 8th version of the acclaimed Festival !!!!


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